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Hot Dotty Extra Large

Let yourself warm by the comfortable Poufs by Roolf. The poufs hug your body. The Hot Dotty poufs can be used in the garden, on the terrace or even indoors. We can because of the heat enjoy the moments we experience outdoors longer and more intensely with family and friends.

The products are 100% made in Belgium ! The Hot Dotty gives off a pleasant warmth on both the back as the seat . The poufs dry quickly after contact with water and because of the robust fabric you do not have to clean it often.

Due to their light weight and the rechargeable battery, these poufs are also easy to move and can they heat in any location . The heated beanbags are available in two different colours.

The Hot Dotty M has a seat height of 35cm, the Hot Dotty XL has a seat height of 45cm.

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Hot Dotty M: 75cm x 75cm x 70cm

Hot Dotty XL: 75cm x 75cm x 80cm

About the fabric

The HOT DOTTY is made of 100% UV stabilized PP yarn. PP yarn is comfortable and very light, which absorbs only 0 to 0.05% moisture, is resistant to bacteria and microorganisms and is 100% recyclable thanks to its mono structure.

How does the Hot Dotty work?

The Hot Dotty is equipped with a high-quality heating element that warms you comfortably. You choose the heat you want by switching to the different heat settings.

  • Position 1 (white): battery is connected

  • Position 2 (yellow): 45°C

  • Position 3 (red): 55°C

The pouf is heated wirelessly by a battery, in position 2 it provides heat for up to 8 hours and in position 3 it provides warmth for up to 3 hours

The battery fully charges in less than 4 hours.

Indoor and outdoor use

The waterproof pocket allows you to use the Hot Dotty both indoors and outdoors.

Enjoy extra comfort and coziness while watching your favorite movie.

Enjoy longer and more intensely the moments you experience outside together with friends and family.

Really a blissful feeling of warmth in the back!

Lore -

The HOTT DOTTY ready to heat you comfortably.

Extend your summer evening

The warmth of the HOT DOTTY allows us to enjoy longer and more intensely the moments we experience outside with family and friends.

The heated areas of the HOT DOTTY.

Safe heat

We attach great importance to safety and comfort. The European heating technology from KNUSS guarantees both a sustainable and a safe experience. This way you can enjoy the extra comfort without any worries.

Experience the extra comfort!

Try out the HOT DOTTY in our showroom (by appointment only) or find a dealer nearby.

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